Window Tinting Woodbridge Va

Window Tinting Woodbridge Va

If you are here because you Google’d the term window tinting woodbridge va, in search of the best window tinting company then you are in the right place. This company does a whole lot more than just tint windows and we have put together this article together to highlight the shop that we deem to be the best place for car window tinting in woodbridge va. If you are browsing through different tint shops in woodbridge looking for the best, we can safely say that your search stops here!

Where To Tint Your Car Windows In Woodbridge Va

There is nothing more frustrating than paying several hundred dollars to tint your car windows only to have the film start to peel or bubble a few weeks or months later. This often happens when you take your car to a window tint shop that is not properly setup or trained to tint windows.

There is a lot that goes into tinting windows. Here are a few things that you must make sure your window tinting shop considers before letting them work on your car:

  • Cleanliness of the shop – Nothing destroys a tint job more than a little piece of lint or dust that gets trapped behind your tint. Good window tinting shops know how to prevent this from happening.
  • Proper window tinting tools – Some shops use tools that can scratch your car or do damage that is not necessary. It is essential that the shop that will be tinting your windows is using high quality window tinting tools.
  • Highly trained technicians – Believe it or not… Tinting windows on cars is not as easy as it looks. To the outsider it may seem like you just have to throw some film on the window, cut it out and call it a day. In reality, Window tinting is an artform that takes a lot of time and experience to master. Always make sure that you are getting your windows tinted by a shop that has much experience in the field.
  • Warranty – Any reputable shop will not only warranty their installation but the film they install will also be warrantied by the manufactured. Before you get your windows tinted make sure that the shop will not only warranty their installation but that the film they install is high quality and comes with a factory warranty as well.

It’s a good thing you are on this page because instead of having to filter through the best tint shops in woodbridge va, we have done the hard work for you and are highlighting one company as the winner! You will leave this article knowing exactly where to go, who to talk to and fully understand why they are our #1 recommendation. When we feature companies on we personally speak to the owners to get to know about their business and verify their reputation


Window Tint Plus Woodbridge Va – Our #1 Recommendation


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One of the factors that people tend to look at when trying to find a good window tinting company is the google reviews of that particular company. You can be rest assured that our review of Tint Plus lines up 100% with what everyone else on google is saying about them!

It is not too difficult to get a few friends to leave you a review on google and easily get a “5 star reputation” but Tint Plus has taken their reputation beyond just family and friends and has a well known reputation in their surrounding area and on Google. They do not just have a few reviews for being a great window tinting company in woodbridge va, but they have a WHOPPING 226 reviews with an average review rating of 5 stars at the time of this articles writing!


About Tint Plus

Tint Plus has a combined 25+ years of experience in the Window Film industry & 10+ years of experience in Paint Protection Film (PPF) & color change wraps.Their team serves Northern Virginia and the surrounding DMV with dedication, quality installations and unforgettable professionalism.

Their goal is to perfect each install and have the customer leave with the highest quality install and product.

As a company solely focused on quality over quantity Tint Plus thrives on customer satisfaction and every project they set their hands on becomes their top priority.

You will never feel like a number in this shop, but a customer and even possibly a friend!

A quote from the company Owner Thane:

Our goal is to far exceed our customers expectations. How do we make sure of that? By making quality assurance the cornerstone of our business. We can only succeed if you leave satisfied!

Not only does Window Tint Plus tint windows in woodbridge va, but they also specialize in the following services:

  • Paint Protection Film (Clear bra)
  • Remote Starts
  • Back up cameras
  • Parking sensors
  • Drop down/head rest DVD players
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Ceramic coating

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Get In Touch With Tint Plus

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